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I am trying to build RPM for my java code.RPM build and install sections works fine.But,later i have added a shell script in %post section to run shell script file that creates some files and starts the java application.The file gets copied fine.But, in %post section I get the failed dependencies bin/sh error.I am building the rpm on linux machine and target machines are centOS.I have also tried AutoReqProv: no in spec file.I am not running the install as a root user.also,target machines are not expected to have ANT(iam using it to build the java code-this might be not related to the problem) on them.I am attaching the code below.Default location of installation is in tmp folder.( for testing).

Summary: test           Summary: test
        Name: test
        Version: 1
        Release: 1
        License: Restricted
        Group: Applications/System
        BuildRoot: ~/rpm/BUILD/helloworld-root 
        URL: http://mycompany.net/helloworld.tar
        Vendor: Mycompany
        Packager: Mycompany  
        Prefix: /tmp
        BuildArchitectures: x86_64 

         Hello World

        echo "changing directory"
        echo $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
        cd %{_sourcedir}
        ant -f testbuild.xml
        echo "in install"
        echo $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
        rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
        mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/tmp/test/
        cd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/tmp/test/
        tar -xf %{_builddir}/test.tar

        sh /tmp/test/createdb.sh

i have also searched on google but couldn't find how to run shell script from spec.with oust post section, I have tried to run through command line it executes fine.I appreciate the help if somebody can point where the problem is?

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AutReqProv: no is probably a mistake. Can you copy and paste the actual commands and error messages? –  sarnold Jan 30 '12 at 0:52
error is same as stackoverflow.com/questions/3959040/… that iam not logged in as root and i get the error when i try to install the rpm.Now iam not using AutReqProv: no. THE SPEC file i am using is presented above. Is my %post section correct? –  keerthi Jan 30 '12 at 1:22

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%post -p /bin/bash

That will give your post script a terminal to run bash commands and all that you are doing into it.

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