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I need to set the image height everytime I'm using background: url('images/something.jpg')[..];



<div class="someImage"></div>


.someImage {
    background: url('images/something.jpg') no-repeat top;

The above example should work... but image won't display until I add an image height attribute to the CSS style class:

.someImage {
    background: url('images/something.jpg') no-repeat top;
    height: 25px;

And then my image appear on the website...

Why does it happend?

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Because without content, a div has no height, background image or not.

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Since your div is empty it has no height..

The image you use is applied as a background, so it does not affect the size.. it just fits whatever space is available at the div.

When you explicitly set the height, you create room for the image to appear..

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