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I have a 3d scene (in OpenGL ES 2.0 as it happens). There is a view matrix, calculated using an equivalent of the glukLookAt function. The look at is in the positive Z direction. The view matrix is involved in the World-View-Projection calculation, i.e. p x v x w.

The current objective is to create a new view matrix such that the camera appears to have rotated about a point P by d radians.

After researching online it became apparent that I should translate the camera to P, perform the rotation, then perform the opposite translation. So I performed the following calculation (in pseudocode):

vec3 delta = P - camera;
mx4 camToP = MakeMx4(delta);
mx4 pToCam = MakeMx4(Negate(delta));
mx4 rot = MakeRotMx4(d);
mx4 viewMx = GetViewMatrix();
viewMx = pToCam * rot * camToP * viewMx;

This didn't work correctly.

Another approach I tried (and many variations upon it) is stripping out the rotation component Rv of the current view matrix then doing:

mx4 viewMx = pToCam * Rv * rot * camToP;

This also fails.

I'd be tremendously grateful if someone could help me with this. Despite spending many hours reading up on the matter today I can't seem to produce a working solution, and I'm confident the code outside of this view alteration is valid.


Here's the real code used for the second approach.

// Get current camera world position.
GLKVector3 camPos = [self cameraPosition];
// Calculate delta between current cam pos and point P.
GLKVector3 deltaPos = GLKVector3Subtract(point,camPos);    
// Create rotation matrix to apply.
GLKMatrix4 applyRot = GLKMatrix4RotateY(GLKMatrix4Identity, a);
// Create translation matrix from camera to point.
GLKMatrix4 camToPoint = GLKMatrix4Translate(GLKMatrix4Identity, deltaPos.x,deltaPos.y,deltaPos.z);
// Create reverse translation: from point to camera world positions.
GLKMatrix4 pointToCam = GLKMatrix4Translate(GLKMatrix4Identity, -deltaPos.x,-deltaPos.y,-deltaPos.z);
// Grab current camera rotation component.
GLKMatrix3 rc = GLKMatrix4GetMatrix3(_viewMatrix);
// ..and convert to 4x4.
GLKMatrix4 camRot = GLKMatrix4Make(rc.m[0],rc.m[1],rc.m[2],0.0f,

_viewMatrix =GLKMatrix4Multiply(pointToCam,
                                                   GLKMatrix4Multiply(camRot, camToPoint)));

I've tried premultiplying the point P by the view matrix to transform it into camera space first, but this doesn't help either.

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What is this "GLKMatrix" type and what library does it come from? –  Nicol Bolas Jan 30 '12 at 2:00
It's from iOS 5 GLKit. There's nothing special about it, except that it takes column major order of data in 'GLKMatrix4Make'. –  KomodoDave Jan 30 '12 at 2:05
..and a 'GLKMatrix4' is a 4x4 matrix. –  KomodoDave Jan 30 '12 at 2:23

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