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The following happens to me from time to time:

  1. clone something from github
  2. discover something I want to fix.
  3. want to offer it back.
  4. Go make a fork
  5. clone my fork
  6. manually merge my changes to the fork
  7. open a pull request

Somehow, it seems to me that there should be a simpler way to get from 'I've got local changes in a local branch' to 'I've got changes in a fork I can submit a pull for.'

Is there?

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Github has the hub gem for maniplating their API.

Secondarily ( and I think what you're looking for) you can add a second remote to your original repo like

git remote add myfork git:// # for the case of hub

and then

git push -u myfork branchname

to push branchname up to your fork from the original repo. The -u flag sets that branches upstream to be your fork.

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