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I wrote a java program which calling from my oracle form. I mean there is a button on my oracle form when I press it this program will running (java program)

previous time I used oracle form 6i so there wasn't any issue. I want to run my program on 10g now. I think this code need to change.

would you help me how I can convert below code work in 10g please?

 lv_path := 'java -client -classpath
 Main.GUI.SmRun '||USER||' '||lv_role;

 HOST(lv_path, NO_SCREEN);

I think I need to change host but I am not sure to what... and also that syntax I wrote is working in 10g as well?

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Was your 6i form web-delivered or client/server? –  APC Jan 30 '12 at 12:35
it is Client/server...we use it as application not web base. –  rima Jan 31 '12 at 2:31

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APC - Was your 6i form web-delivered or client/server?
Rima - it is Client/server...we use it as application not web base

You have missed a crucial aspect of Forms 10g: it is web-delivered only. As was 9i (although not many people used that version).

This means that you will have to re-write any part of your Forms application which relies on client-side interaction.

Host is a classic example. That doesn't work any more; if it did work it would run on the application server, and that is not behaviour you would want in a multi-user environment. You will need to re-write your form to use the CLIENT_HOST command in the WebUtil library. WebUtil is a collection of functions Oracle provided to implement client-server behaviours in the new web-delivered architecture. Find out more.

You should also read the Forms Upgrade Reference.

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