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I have two MySQL tables a and b with fields x and y. Table b has 1 extra field z. Table a is in database db1 and b is in db2. I want to copy x and y from a to b and set a static value for z. How can I do that ?

db1.a.x -> db2.b.x
db1.a.y -> db2.b.y
4 -> db2.b.z

So far I have:

"INSERT INTO db2.b (x,y) SELECT x,y FROM db1.a"

How do I set db2.b.z to 4 ? I do not want to set a permanent default variable for the table.

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SELECT 4 will give you 4, so try:

INSERT INTO db2.b (x,y,z) SELECT x,y,4 FROM db1.a
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that was quick :) thank you very much! –  JasonTS Jan 30 '12 at 4:39
INSERT INTO db2.b (x, y, z) SELECT x, y, 4 FROM db1.a;
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