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I just started developing a sample application for Mono. The main task is to implement a tcp-socket server on the android tablet listening for connections from a client. after connecting the client starts sending real-time data and the android application displays the data on the screen. this is important to implement the server side on the android. I am using Mono for Android / C# . I already have about a week google searching and sample browsing.

My question is: if the Async TCP socket works on the android mono framework or not. because my code works fine when I use it in "windows application" to "windows application" platform. but when I change it to "windows application" to "android" the connection simply disconnects.

I know the question is wage, I know you all expect sample source... If I had a place to put the sample, I would definitely put it!

  • I am using Mono for Android Api 12 Emulator
  • I already forwarded the TCP port using emulator telnet console 'redir' command
  • connection establishes but data does not being received on the server (android side)

any help/sample/guide will be appreciated

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Have you tried it on a device? I know getting the emulator's networking settings are pretty crazy. I don't see why using the socket would not work in MonoDroid if it works in Windows. – jonathanpeppers Jan 30 '12 at 12:57
Quick not to say that MonoTouch is "Mono for iOS" while "Mono for Android" is "Mono for Android". They share quite a lot but they are different products. – poupou Jan 30 '12 at 13:01
update: thanks guys for the time for reading and commenting. I just found the problem. the only difference between 'windows' version of the server and 'android' version was in the 'message deserialization' namespace. (blabla.mono.net / blabla.windows.net) which has been solved by changing the assemblyname in the "BindToType" method of DeserializationAppDomainBinder. now message arrives at the server side nice and smooth :) thanks again. – Afshin Jan 30 '12 at 21:04
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It is possible to have Async Socket in Android using Mono. there is no specific difference with windows application for this scenario. my problem was actually from de-serializing the message which caused the connection to stop. problem solved by adding new DesrializationBinder and changing AssemblyName for Android namespace.

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