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I have been following the example code provided by Facebook for implementing this SDK. I have noticed different behavior on different devices. For some reason, my DroidX is working great, but when I run the same code on the HTC Flyer, most of the time, onActivityResult() does not get called after Facebook.authorize(). This breaks my whole experience and I'm left on an empty white Facebook screen.

I have no idea on what to do. I can currently running the FB.Authorize() on a UIThread and I have read posts about that possibly being a problem.

I am out of idea's on how to fix this problem.


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I was having the same problem, but found that onActivityResult() does not get called unless the Facebook app is installed on the device. See facebook.authorize with the android sdk does not call onActivityResult

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Hey @gcl1 I tried implementing the FB login flow with the UILifeCycleHelper and in certain instances, the data param which would normally have a field mMap, which contains the FB response, is null. Why would this be happening? – toobsco42 Aug 26 '13 at 7:07

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