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I am looking for a way to measure the size of web requests and responses that I make in my browser. I would need a way to measure regular requests, as well as ajax requests. I am trying to improve Ajax performance by decreasing request and response size, and I need some way to benchmark this on the client end as well as measure my progress as I go.

This is part of an application (3.5), but I would definitely prefer some client-based tool (Firefox plugin, executable application, etc) rather than a code-based approach.

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You can use HttpWatch on IE and FireBug on firefox to check the request response header. These should be enough for what you have asked for.

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I usually use Fiddler to investigate what requests that are made, response times and sizes.

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Yahoo! YSlow add-on for Firebug (in FireFox) is one of the best tool for what you want to do.

EDIT: You'll need FireBug installed in Firefox first to install YSlow.

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For internet explorer you can download IE Developer toolbar from: ""

Additionally you can download Fiddler from: ""

To profile your request/response.

For Firefox there are numerous plugins: - Firebug - YSlow

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In addition to everyone else's excellent recommendations there's a specific toolset for Visual Studio and Ajax, the VS Ajax Profiling Extensions - however this will only work on IIS7

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For firefox there is a add-on available called LORI (Life-Of-Request-Information).

It tells you the pagesize, how many request it makes to server(for css, javascript etc.) time to first byte and time to completion of the request.

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It looks like the Firefox Firebug plugin > Network Monitoring might do the job.

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Charles is an excellent web debugging proxy that will show you the size of every HTTP request made by your web browser. It also offers a very easy way to examine the payload of your requests, including XML.

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