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I have 2 Android devices connected to my computer. I need to debug them both at the same time since I am sending data back and forth between them. When I set them both to debug mode it will only stop one at a time. I can't stop the "sender" immeditaly after the send and then debug the "receiver". It just doesn't like it!

I really need to be able to run two completely sessions. I tried opening a new Eclipse window but it doesn't help. Any stops I put apply to both and if any device is in debug mode then it applies to both instances.

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Try using two machines. as the debug port both of them are trying to connect to is the same for a single instance of eclipse.

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Not really an option as I would have to find another computer and then install Eclipse etc. Would also mean copying over any source changes. – theblitz Jan 30 '12 at 7:58

Unfortunately, I don't think that it's possible to debug multiple devices on the same computer using Eclipse, at least for now.

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