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I am trying to convert a PDF document to a single HTML file in java. Most of the converters online converts one PDF file to multiple HTML files. I want to convert the whole PDF to a single HTML file.

Any suggestions?

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Are you trying to extract just the text, or also formatting? –  Richard Everett Jan 30 '12 at 9:36

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Any suggestions?

You might always write some code using the JSoup API to write a single document that incorporates the body of each of the multiple HTML files. Combining styles & style-sheets (CSS) might be a bit more tricky (especially if the original HTML uses 'id' elements).

Though I find it hard to believe there is not a converter out there in which 'single document' is an option. I recommend searching further.

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I think it should be possible to parse your PDF document with itext and then generate your html file. I must admit I haven't checked if it is doable though.

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can you try this pdfbox

check this class on pdfbox: PDFTextStripper

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Have you looked at http://www.jpedal.org/html_index.php which has an optiont to write to single file.

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