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I have the following method, where I want the regex given to the split method to find all instances of the comma character (","), if if is not preceded by letter "x".

The method:

public void replaceTest3() {
        String valueRaw = "onex,two,three,fourx,five";
        String[] splittedString = valueRaw.split("[(.,)]&&[^x{1}+,]");
        for (int i = 0; i < splittedString.length; i++) {

So I would expect this method to output


However, as the regex currently is, the latter part to exclude all instances of commas preceded by "x" doesn't work - apparently nothing is found. Where is my error and how could I achieve what I want to do?

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find all instances of the comma character (","), if if is not preceeded by letter "x".

Could be done with a negative lookbehind like this:



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If you are fine with some more code, this is a solution without look-behinds:

private static final Pattern P = Pattern.compile( "[^x],|^," );
private static List<String> splitAtCommaNotPreceededByX( String valueRaw ) {
    Matcher m = P.matcher( valueRaw );
    List<String> parts = new ArrayList<String>();
    int start = 0;
    while(m.find()) {
        parts.add( valueRaw.substring( start, m.end() - 1 ) );
        start = m.end();
    parts.add( valueRaw.substring( start ) );
    return parts;
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Your character classes are bogus. Special characters lose their meaning inside character classes. For example, [(.,)]&&[^x{1}+,] matches "(&&+", ")&&{", ...

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