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i would like to know why my divs are not fixed. I pass a position x and y on the html but depending of the screen resolution or if a maximize the html or reduce his width or heigth. I want that this divs are always in the exactly position.



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when you set the position to absolute, you are putting that div in the absolute spot according to the axis you specified, no matter how you resize, it'll be there.

I suppose you want the text to be in the exact spot according to the table, am I correct? If so, you might want to put the position to "relative". I've modified your code a big to illustrate:

<table width="670" border="1" style="height:300px" align="center">


            <div class="Estilo1" style="position: relative; margin-top:50px; margin-left: 50px;">Texto sobrhhe </div>

            <div class="Estilo1" style="position: absolute; top: 222px; left: 490px;">
                Texto sobrhhe



Hope this is what you are looking for =)

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Thanks a lot :D –  user1177647 Jan 30 '12 at 10:47

If I understood your question correctly, then you should use position: fixed instead of position: absolute.

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