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If any word with plain style (only) in the whole document contains at least one character from a given list of special characters, then make the following changes to these words:

  1. change their style to underlined and red color

  2. wrap them in {}, i.e. prepend { and append } which must remain in the unchanged plain style

Example of the list of special characters: ś, Ś, ChrW(7751), ChrW(7693)...

As for finding these words with regex the script works well, and it changes the words into red, but I need the rest to happen as well. Maybe I need something like Text = replace(match, regex, backreferences).

Sub zzz()
    Set regEx = CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp")
    regEx.Pattern = "[^ ""„(]*?[śŚ" & ChrW(7751) & "][^ \.,;:!?–—""“)]*"
    regEx.Global = True
    Set Matches = regEx.Execute(ActiveDocument.Range.Text)
    For Each match In Matches
        ActiveDocument.Range(match.FirstIndex, _
            match.FirstIndex + match.Length).Text = replace(match, ?????)
        ActiveDocument.Range(match.FirstIndex, _
            match.FirstIndex + match.Length).Font.Color = wdColorRed
End Sub
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