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How does google calculate waiting time and receiving time in chrome network panel?

There are 4 timing categories in google chrome network panel 1.) Blocking 2.) Sending 3.) Waiting 4.) Receiving

I would like to know what all factors are included while calculating these options.

From this link

High "Receiving Time" for HTTP Responses below 500 bytes in Chrome Devtools

an explanation is there for receiving, but I would like to know about all the options in a bit more detail. Can anyone please help me out here ?

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It appears that the timing functions may be platform related.

I have an internal web site and the access times reported for the same transactions appear vastly different. For example, my Windows 7 (latest Chrome) shows total response times as 200ms (almost 190ms of receiving) while my Ubuntu laptop shows a total of 4ms on the Chrome Network tab.

I also put timers on my server side first, just to make sure that it was not a delay in my node.js server (running on a different ubuntu box - not the one that has the Chrome client).

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The reason you are seeing ~200ms of receiving time on Windows is probably because of the delayed ACK algorithm. Here is a page explaining it and how to disable it smallvoid.com/article/winnt-nagle-algorithm.html –  Jarrod Jul 5 '12 at 15:14
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