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I am using Ajax upload plugin to upload a file over Ajax. Its working fine, file is successfully uploaded also I can access its content in onComplete event.Now I want to return database id of uploaded file.How can I send database id from my spring controller to onComplete function?
Here is my JS

  new Ajax_upload('#clickToUpload', {
        action: '/portal/request/MRNFile/upload',
        allowedExtensions: ['csv','jpeg'], 
        onComplete : function(file){
            $('#progress').text('Uploaded ' + file + '. ');
                    //how to access database id here


 @RequestMapping(value = "/upload", method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public Integer upload(@RequestParam("userfile") MultipartFile file) {
    // This will save file to database and will return its id
         return id;


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Instead of returning id in upload(controller) function you have to return json object as below

JSONObject json = new JSONObject();
json.put("id", database_id);
return json;

and change onComplete : function(file) to onComplete : function(file,data)

you can access the id as (key name in json object)

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Render by echo or whatever respresantation on file id in server side, and it comes back into your file var in JS.

If you want return both content and id, use

echo json_encode(array('content' => 'content', 'id' => 'yourId'));

And in js access it by file.content and after file = JSON.parse(file);

If you're not on PHP, just return JSON encoded array with two keys - id and content.

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