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How can we obtain the XPath of a node in FreeMarker. I want to know the synatax . Like if I am processing a node and want to get its address in XML.

Something like : node?node_xpath .

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No such thing exists out of the box. You could write a custom method (TemplateMethodModelEx implementation) for it. What kind of path do you need anyway? Something like /node()[0]/node()[3]/node()[2]? I believe the W3C DOM API has no method to query the index of a node, so you have to scan through the children of the parent of the node to find out its index. (That's a DOM limitation, not a FreeMarker limitation.) Or if you know more about the schema, you may want something like /foo/bar[@id=123]/baaz, but that won't be a general-purpose function, obviously.

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Try this:

public class GetXPathFromNode implements TemplateMethodModelEx {

public Object exec(List args) throws TemplateModelException {

    if(args.size() != 1){
         throw new TemplateModelException("Please specify one xml node.");

    NodeModel node = (NodeModel) args.get(0);

    return getXPath(node.getNode());


private String getXPath(Node node) {
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder("/");
    String attribute = "";
    if(node.getNodeType() == Node.ATTRIBUTE_NODE){
        attribute = "/@" + node.getNodeName();
        Attr attr = (Attr) node;
        node = attr.getOwnerElement();


    return renderNodeXpath(node, sb).toString();

private StringBuilder renderNodeXpath(Node node, StringBuilder path){

    Node parentNode = node.getParentNode();
    if(parentNode != null && parentNode.getNodeType() != Node.DOCUMENT_NODE){
        StringBuilder sb2 = new StringBuilder("/");
        return renderNodeXpath(parentNode, path);

    return path;


private int getNodeIndex(Node childNode) {

    Node parentNode = childNode.getParentNode();
    if(parentNode == null){
        return 1;

    int index = 1;
    for(int i = 0; parentNode.getChildNodes().getLength() >= i; i++){
        Node node = parentNode.getChildNodes().item(i);

            return index; // this is used to ignore empty text nodes.
        if(node.getNodeType() != Node.TEXT_NODE){

    return 1;

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