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I'm thinking of using window.postMessage directly for cross-domain communication.

If I do:

  1. postMessage() from the parent frame
  2. Load an iframe
  3. window.addEventListener("message", callback, false); from the child iframe

When will the messages I posted before loading the iframe be executed? Are they guaranteed to be executed at all? Are there timing guarantees?

I would like to pass a parameter from the top frame that influences the initialization of the child frame.

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The postMessage() function is asynchronous, meaning it will return immediately. So you can not do synchronous communication with it.

In your example the posted message will vanish in the void, because there is no listener for the message event at the time the postMessage() function is executed.

If you would load the iframe first and call postMessage() afterwards, then there could be an timing issue, maybe. (From my experience there is none, the parent code is always execute first, but I am not sure about this point.)

But here is my solution for the problem, of not knowing exactly when the iframe will be ready:

in the parent window: 1. Load the iframe (this is asynchronous, too) 2. Set up message listener 3. Post message to the iframe (just trying here) 4. Wait for more messages to come

in the iframe: 1. Set up message listener 2. Post message to the parent window (just trying here) 3. Wait for more messages to come

Whoever recives the first message from the other side then starts the real communication.

In my experience the message from the parent to the iframe always gets lost, so the communication starts when the parent recives the message from the iframe. But in this setup it is not important, which one starts first.

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