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Let's assume we have the following Map index:

public class CommentsIndex : AbstractIndexCreationTask<Post>
   public class IndexResult
      public string PostId {get;set;}
      public DateTime CommentDateTime {get;set;}

   public CommentsIndex()
       Map = posts => from post in posts
                      from comment in post.Comment
                      select new { PostId = post.Id, CommentDateTime = comment.DateTime }; 

The result of this index query will be a collection of Post documents. But how can I query it by CommentDateTime? Following query will definitely not work as CommentDateTime is not part of Post document:

_documentSession.Query<Post, CommentsIndex>().Where(x => x.CommentDateTime < DateTime.UtcNow).ToList();

P. S. I know I can use live projection or calling AsProjection to shape the index query result, but I guess there should be a more natural solution for such a simple case.

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_documentSession.Query<CommentsIndex.IndexResult, CommentsIndex>()
    .Where(x => x.CommentDateTime < DateTime.UtcNow)

Note: there is a fundamental difference between .As<T>() and .AsProjection<T>(), as only the latter will try to get the fields and the first only casts the results.

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Does it actually work? I am trying to get the same behavior with last Raven build and cannot do it. –  Alex Lapa Aug 28 '13 at 8:07
Alexander, a lot of things have changed since then. I suggest you post a complete description to the mailing list. –  Daniel Lang Aug 28 '13 at 17:40

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