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i'm using jwplayer 5.7 in my application to run videos. I'm trying to create a playlist in which im using custom tags that i need for my own custom js. Following is an excerpt of my xml playlist.

<title>Webisode 200 Playlist</title>


  <title>My first video</title>

  <media:credit role="author">Adam Houston</media:credit>

  <media:content url="rackspace_url" type="video/x-flv" />

  <jwplayer:deanlongdescription>Very long description goes here.</jwplayer:deanlongdescription>



  <title>Other Video 202</title>

  <media:credit role="author">Brent Purcell</media:credit>

  <media:content url="rackspace_url" type="video/x-flv" />

  <jwplayer:deanlongdescription>Very long description goes here.</jwplayer:deanlongdescription>


according to the jwplayer forums/doc i need to include jwplayer namespace to include the tag but when i do jwplayer.getPlayers()[0].getPlaylistItem().deanlongdescription in firebug i get undefined, whereas i can access other properties. Any suggestions??


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i found the solution,

all i have to do is to include the namespace in the rss tag as follows:

<\rss version='2.0' xmlns:media='http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/' xmlns:jwplayer='http://developer.longtailvideo.com/trac/wiki/FlashFormats\>

and then inside each i could do <\jwplayer:custom_tag>custom_value</jwplayer:custom_tag>

and that's it, simple!

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