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Is seem that the only way the certificate (X509) validation performs is: if a request to the server contains a certificate, that is already in the server's keystore, process the request (and the same with the server's response).

Could you, please, suggest a way to validate a certificate by the CRL and the root certificate?

What about using spring security and cxf's <jaxws:inInterceptors> ? Can't find a tutorial yet

PROGRESS Trying to write my own interceptor:

public class MyInInterceptor extends AbstractPhaseInterceptor<Message> {
Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(MyInInterceptor.class);

public MyInInterceptor() {


private SOAPMessage getSOAPMessage(SoapMessage msg) {
    return msg.getContent(SOAPMessage.class);

public void handleMessage(Message message) throws Fault {
    logger.info("custom handleMessage method");

    logger.info("getting a certificate");
    HashMap engine = (HashMap) message.get("wss4j.signature.result");
    X509Certificate certificate = (X509Certificate) engine.get("x509-certificate");

    logger.info("parsing certificate");


For now the issue is to validate the certificate with any possible way, say the pure java..

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The solution is to develop a custom interceptor:

 * Constructor
public SecurityInInterceptor() {

The hard of the solution is this and this answers.

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