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I'm using TADODataSet (D7).
I do not create persistent fields in design-mode with my DataSet.

dsItems.CommandText := 'select ID, ItemName, UserIDCreate from Items';
dsUsers.CommandText := 'select  ID, LoginName from Users'; // lookup dataset

If I double-click on dsItems and "Add all fileds" and then click "New filed" and define my lookup Field, everything is working fine. The resulting dsItems should contain: ID, ItemName, UserIDCreate, LoginName_Lookup

How can I avoid doing all this in design-time and add a Lookup Field after/or before (? not sure) the DataSet is opened.

In other words: How do I emulate "Add all fileds" and then "New filed" to add lookup filed in run-time?

NOTE: I get an Exception when running John's code from the IDE. The Exception occurs when trying to open the DataSet: EOleException with message 'An unknown error has occured'.

function TCustomADODataSet.LocateRecord (ADODB.pas) in line if FieldCount = 1 then FLookupCursor.Find...

I'm accepting the answer becouse the complied program is working.
It would be nice if someone could verify getting (or not) an Exception when runing form inside the IDE.

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The dataset cannot be opened to add a lookup field at runtime.

You'll also need to add whatever other fields you'll need to access as persistent fields as well, otherwise, they will be inaccessible. The procedures below should work. However, I recommend that if you can, use queries and join your tables - it's a lot less coding, and much cleaner in my opinion.

procedure CreatePersistentFields(ADataset: TDataset);
  i: Integer;
  for I := 0 to ADataset.FieldDefs.Count - 1 do
     if ADataset.FindField(ADataset.FieldDefs[i].Name) = Nil then

Procedure CreateLookupField( ATable: TDataSet; AFieldName: String; ALookupDataset:          TDataset; AKeyfields: String; ALookupKeyfields: String; ALookupResultField : String);
  I : Integer;
  NewField : TField;
  with ATable do begin
    if FieldDefs.Updated = False then
    If FindField(AFieldName) = Nil then
      NewField := TStringField.Create(ATable);
      NewField.FieldName := AFieldName;
      NewField.KeyFields := AKeyFields;
      NewFIeld.LookupDataSet := ALookupDataset;
      NewField.LookupKeyFields := ALookupKeyFields;
      NewField.LookupResultField := ALookupResultField;
      NewField.FieldKind := fkLookup;
      NewField.Dataset := ATable;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  CreateLookupField(TDataset(AdoDataset1), 'EmployeeNameLook', TDataset(EmployeeTable), 'EmployeeID', 'EmployeeID', 'EmployeeName');
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Do you mean I first need to create "whatever other fields you'll need to access as persistent fields" in design-mode to run this code? – Vlad Jan 30 '12 at 14:19
I get EOleException with message 'An unknown error has occurred when trying to open the DataSet. – Vlad Jan 30 '12 at 14:25
You can add all persistent fields at runtime. Which part is throwing the exception and which line? – John Easley Jan 30 '12 at 14:27
it seems to throw an exception only when I run the program from the IDE in AdoDataset1.Open;. the compiled program works fine. Do you have any idea why is that? – Vlad Jan 30 '12 at 14:43
Regarding you recommendation: can I edit/insert on "queries and join your tables" DataSet? if yes I think that the main problem is when you append a new record on such DataSet you need to Requry it to reflect the lookup fields. no? – Vlad Jan 30 '12 at 15:51

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