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I have the ul. Now I have to remove all the li elements inside it except first and last li. How can I do it through JQuery. Tried remove method but could not find a way.

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To remove from all ul-s on the page the li-s that are neither the first nor the last:

$('ul li:not(:first):not(:last)').remove();

Or using a specific id:

$('#yourul li:not(:first):not(:last)').remove();

If you have a jQuery object with your ul in it:

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I forgot you could chain :not selectors like that. Nice one. –  Samir Talwar May 25 '09 at 19:53

Have you tried selecting all the list elements, and then removing the first and last ones from the list?

$('ul li').not('li:first, li:last').remove()
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$('ul li').not('li:first, li:last').remove(); 

This will remove all items from list Except/Exclude first and last element,

To remove all items from any list

$('#yourulid li').remove();  //remove all li items from list named/id #yourulid
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$("ul li:not(:first-child):not(:last-child)").remove();
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