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I have the following JSON object:


After applying JSONObject.toBean, start and end date are set to the current system date in the resulting bean (instead of the values in the json string). It looks like they are initialized with new Date().

Is there any way of specifying the date format ? I looked into JsonConfig class without much success.

Thanks in advance!

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ckeck your configuration first ! – Chintan Feb 10 '12 at 14:40
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Register your own processor...

this.jsonConfigToJSON = new JsonConfig();
this.jsonConfigToJSON.registerJsonValueProcessor(java.util.Date.class, new JsonValueProcessor() {
    public Object processObjectValue(String key, Object value, JsonConfig jsonConfig) {
        return process(value, jsonConfig);

    public Object processArrayValue(Object value, JsonConfig jsonConfig) {
        return process(value, jsonConfig);

    private Object process(Object value, JsonConfig jsonConfig) {
        // For Unix Time
        return ((Date) value).getTime() / 1000L;
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