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Lets Suppose we have 251 Items in stock and we want to convert it into Boxes and single items.

How can we do that?

I want result like that E.g

50 boxes 1 item
Total Items # 251 items
items per box = 5
251/5 = 50.2

But result must be as 50 boxes and 1 item

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You need to use integer division and the modulo operator. In pseudo-code:

Boxes = AllItems / BoxSize
LooseItems = AllItems mod BoxSize

I'm assuming AllItems and BoxSize are integer variables.

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Thankss You all I've got the point Thanks once again ! – zohaib Jan 30 '12 at 14:05

Use integer division for determining the number of items in a box and the remainder operator for determining the number of the remaining items. These operators are ubiquitous in nearly every programming language.

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An idea of how this could look like in JavaScript:


var totalItems = 251;
var itemsPerBox = 5;
var noOfBoxes = Math.floor(totalItems / itemsPerBox); // = 50
var noOfItems = totalItems % itemsPerBox; // = 1
alert("Number of Boxes: " + noOfBoxes + ". Number of Items: " + noOfItems);
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Thankss You all I've got the point Thanks once again ! – zohaib Jan 30 '12 at 14:05

Python answer:

itemsPerBox = 5

totalItems = 251

leftover = totalItems % itemsPerBox

boxableItems = totalItems - leftover

numBoxes = boxableItems / itemsPerBox

numLeftOver = totalItems - boxableItems

print "numLeftOver = ",
print numLeftOver
print "numBoxes = ",
print numBoxes
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