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The documentation explain how to extend a class

class Zebra extends Animal

But how do I extend multiple classes? The following does not work

class Sidebar extends Controller, EventEmitter

But I wish it did. The JavaScript behind this is more than able to extend any number of classes using the __extend function, but is there a way to do it in coffee-script?

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you can have a look at this discussion: – qiao Jan 30 '12 at 13:57
suds... That doesn't bode well for me – Hubro Jan 30 '12 at 14:02
JavaScript uses prototype inheritance... Behind the scene, extends uses the single property 'prototype' to create a chain... you can have "inherits" from multiple objects only if the objects are a prototype chain... e.g. Zebra could extends VegetarianAnimal and vegetarianAnimal extends Animal. – Jaider Jul 23 '12 at 22:14
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Guess I'll just answer my own question. The way I ended up handling this is extending all my classes from a class I call "SuperClass" (the name doesn't matter). From that class I can extend any number of classes. Anyway the class looks like this

moduleKeywords = ['included', 'extended']

class SuperClass
    @include: (obj) ->
        throw('include(obj) requires obj') unless obj
        for key, value of obj.prototype when key not in moduleKeywords
            @::[key] = value

        included = obj.included
        included.apply(this) if included

Pretty much just stole it from Spine. An example of a class extended from SuperClass:

class Sidebar extends SuperClass

    # Include some other classes
    @include Controller
    @include EventEmitter

    Constructor function
    constructor: ->
        # Call extended constructors @ @

        console.log 'Sidebar instantiated'

Notice that to call the inherited class' constructor the class function is called with @/this as context. I haven't needed to extend class functions yet, but I imagine it's very similar to calling the parent constructor:

someFunction: -> @

Please edit this post if I'm wrong. Also please excuse my lack of class inheritance terminology - I'm no expert

Update: One could also define a constructor for SuperClass that automatically called the constructor for all included classes on instantiation. That way you'd just need to call super() from the subclass. I haven't bothered with that though

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I think calling super() won't work. You would need some kind of array storing the class of an @included object. Which wouldn't work because you need to reset this same variable to []. – Atmocreations Feb 17 '15 at 11:15

This is referred to as a mixin. CoffeeScript will never include them natively as you can read in the Classes section on the CoffeeScript FAQ. But there are various implementations out there, in this Gist, in the Little Book, and this one for JS seems to work with CoffeeScript Classes also.

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You can use little helper, which create proper prototype chain with correct call super. Existing classes in chain not violated, uses theirs "projections"

virtual_class = (classes...)->
  classes.reduceRight (Parent, Child)->
    class Child_Projection extends Parent
      constructor: ->
        # Temporary replace Child.__super__ and call original `constructor`
        child_super = Child.__super__
        Child.__super__ = Child_Projection.__super__
        Child.apply @, arguments
        Child.__super__ = child_super

        # If Child.__super__ not exists, manually call parent `constructor`
        unless child_super?

    # Mixin prototype properties, except `constructor`
    for own key  of Child::
      if Child::[key] isnt Child
        Child_Projection::[key] = Child::[key]

    # Mixin static properties, except `__super__`
    for own key  of Child
      if Child[key] isnt Object.getPrototypeOf(Child::)
        Child_Projection[key] = Child[key]



class My extends virtual_class A, B, C
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