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I've used instruments for searching for memory leaks. I did that through XCode Run > Start with performance tool > Leaks. Then I quit Instruments. And every time I Build&Go, Instruments automatically launches. Although that's cool, when just wanting to test the app, it's not needed.

How can I turn that off?

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Build & Go uses your last "Run Type" as the "Go" part.

If you select the Build menu, you'll notice that there's a "Build and Run" option. Select it once, and then Build & Go will not load Instruments again until you explicitly ask it to do so.

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After that, Build & Go repeats that action. –  Kriem May 25 '09 at 14:25

Apple+Y or just select build and debug from the build menu. Apple+R or select build and run from the build menu

the default will now revert to that.

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