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I'm currently working with YAML and I want to know which characters are and are not allowed in a key in YAML?


example: "Value"

I'm referring to the 'example'.


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Any character. Please be aware that the key does not have to a scalar ('example'). It can be a list or a map.

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Any character if QUOTED ! –  Marvin Saldinger Jun 4 '14 at 11:28

According to the YAML 1.2 specification simply advises using printable characters with explicit control characters being excluded (see here):

In constructing key names, characters the YAML spec. uses to denote syntax or special meaning need to be avoided (e.g. '#' denotes comment, '>' denotes folding, '-' denotes list, etc.).

Essentially, you are left to the relative coding conventions (restrictions) by whatever code (parser/tool implementation) that needs to consume your YAML document. The more you stick with alphanumerics the better; it has simply been our experience that the underscore has worked with most tooling we have encountered.

It has been a shared practice with others we work with to convert the period character '.' to an underscore character '_' when mapping namespace syntax that uses periods to YAML. Some people have similarly used hyphens successfully, but we have seen it misconstrued in some implementations.

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This answer is very practical in regard to working with existing YAML tools. –  LarsH Aug 18 at 19:24

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