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No, Im not asking for a full made program :) Im kind of new to Java as language so Im not familiar with java libraries at all and my experience is mostly about php, but I understand OOP well.

My scenario: I want to build a Java applet to my website, by which different users can share a same screen window in which they can drag and drop things(images) to specific positions and when one does, it would update the screen to the others. Before connecting, user would choose to build a new screen or join other. If he wants to join other he would just enter some existing (random) screen id to connect to. If he wants to create a new one he would access this screen in which he would see the screen id to share with someone else. I dont care if two persons wants to drag and drop different item to same spot, it would then just use the one that came last.

Now that you understand what I want to build...

What I really just need is the skeleton structure of something like this. What parts I will need to build something like this? Libraries and such, where should I look for tutorials, Best practices, hierarchy, should I use tcp or udp? I just need something where to start from.

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An applet is run in the system memory of each individual client. There are strict rules about what applets can and cannot do, and I am not sure whether or not applets would be allowed to make remote connections to other users. I would advice doing some google leg work on java applet security and seeing what you dig up.

Assuming this is possible:

In terms of architecture, I think you would want one person designated as the host create the game and run all the game logic, while the clients just receive information pertinent to graphics being displayed (location, size, texture, what have you) and sends back information about what the client is doing.

I did something like this as a school project in high school, but I was forced to sign the applet to make it do remote http connections. I would assume this is still the same case.

Hope that helps a little bit.

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