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Can I assume if using the Selenium2 WebDriver executeScript method, my script would be after window.onload?

e.g. after all DOM elements/images are loaded?

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yes you can assume as it will get executed after entire page loaded in browser

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Not necessarily. If you're using the executeScript() method after a get() call, the answer is "maybe". WebDriver tries to block on calls to get(), but there may be JavaScript code that will still run after the onload fires (consider the case where the code in the onload event handler uses setTimeout() to defer execution), which means the DOM may still be manipulated. If you're using executeScript() after clicking on a link that causes a navigation, there's even less chance that the execution will wait until the page is completely loaded, since clicks are asynchronous, and there's no guarantee WebDriver will be able to wait for the page to load.

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