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In my application, the stylesheet for the entire application is taken from a resource file loaded into the application.

I have two stylesheets defined there for a QListWidget:

..some color properties

QListWidget#Bad {
..soem different color properties

In a form, my QListWidget's Object name is "Good", so it adheres to the #good style. During runtime, I have a case where I want to "SetObjectName" it to "Bad" and have the style changed instantly in the UI.

I have noticed two things:

  1. merely calling "SetObjectName("Bad");" doens't change the style from methods...
  2. The only time "SetObjectName("Bad");" works is if called from the constructor of the Widget containing the QListWidget.

Obviously i am missing some "update style" phase. Note that I cannot have "setStyleSheet" in code, it must come from the QSS file.

What am I missing?

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Got this resolved. Calling:


On my widget after the change of objectName (setObjectName) did the trick.

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