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I managed to install virtualenv, install django-1.4-alpha-1 via pip install and am trying to start a django with it's manage.py runserver

Eventhough I switched with virtualenv via activate (note the prefix in cmd screen bellow) to the right enviroment (where I successfully installed django), manage.py runserver still somehow grabs data from my stable not-virtualenv python install.

Stable python (wrong one): D:\Python26\Scripts

Right one: E:\Prace\django-1.4-alpha-1\Scripts

My PATH doesn't include anything with Python.

Cmd screen:

enter image description here

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Files with the .py extension are linked to your default Windows Python installation. One way of using your virtualenv python executable instead is by typing python manage.py <command> instead.

Please also see the accepted answer of a question I posted on this matter before.

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Yes, that works. Thank you. –  mreq Jan 30 '12 at 17:42

You don't specify which version of virtualenv you're using. Recently, they've made --no-site-packages default, but if you're using a version before this change was instituted, you need to specify that switch to prevent the main site-packages from loading in.

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I tried and no-site-packages is default. Thanks anyway. –  mreq Jan 30 '12 at 16:52

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