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Various pages can be found on the internet mentioning libjpeg-turbo for Android (example). They all point at the repository here, and say to read ANDROID.txt for build instructions. There's no such text file in the repository though. Is this repository the official place to go to get libjpeg-turbo for Android? If so, where are the build/integration instructions?

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I ported libjpeg-turbo for use in android a number of months back.

You can find the code here:


Android.txt is there etc. Just moved out the external/jpeg directory and replace with this named exactly the same external/jpeg, it'll build and run fine.

Plan to push this into ASOP fairly soon. (I know cyanogenmod is also considering it currently)

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My bad, the file's in a branch in that repository.

Also found this info:


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Use Makefile.am file to see what files you need to compile and write that in your own Android.mk makefile.

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Thanks for the info, but that's not really an answer to my question. –  occulus Jan 30 '12 at 17:43

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