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I have an IQueryable object like this

var persons = from m in db.Persons
              select m;

The returned fields will be: name: String, family: String, cityID: Int in it. I have another IQueryable object that get cityID: Int and CityName: String from another table like one here:

var citys = from x in db.CitysInfo
            select x;

Now I want an IQueryable object that have name: String, family: String, CityName: String. How can I do that?

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You could use a join and project to an anonymous class:

var results = from p in db.Persons 
              join c in db.CitysInfo on p.cityID equals c.cityId
              select new 
                name = p.name,
                family = p.family,
                CityName = c.CityName,
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