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I have a subclass from control and I want set text for that. When I change parent to label this can be done but this class has sibling should be buttons. Logically label and button can extends from Control therefore I extend my parent class from Control but now I can't write text on it. Of course text property exists on it but i can't see my text. Please help me .. Thanks a lot

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Button has property Content. Try that. –  patrick Jan 30 '12 at 17:03

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Override the Text property to do what you need:

public override string Text
    get { return myButton.Text; }
    set { myButton.Text = value; }

(assuming you have a button in your custom control).

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Given your description (wanting a label for Text as well as a button)...

Instead of subclassing Control, it sounds like you should consider using a UserControl. This allows you to make a "custom control" that's built by composing other controls, which means you can have a single UserControl containing a label (your Text) as well as your buttons, and treat it as a unified object.

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