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I'm looking for the C++ equivalent of cvConvertImage in OpenCV.

cvConvertImage(const CvArr* src, CvArr* dst, int flags=0)

Specifically, I have a cv::Mat image with the red and blue channels flipped, and I wish to swap them back. In cvConvertImage you can do this by setting flags to be CV_CVTIMG_SWAP_RB.

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Late answer, but you can use cv::cvtColor(...) with option CV_BGR2RGB if you want to swap R and B.

If you want more complex operations mixchannels is the way to go

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I think mixChannels() is what you're looking for.

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TO access individual pixels see OpenCV: Fastest way to extract individual pixel data?

Then it's just a matter of swapping the red / blue values

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I don't know any method in the C++ interface to do this, but if you don't want to do a manual swap like @Martin suggested, you can still convert cv::Mat to IplImage and use cvConvertImage to do the job for you:

// Load image into: cv::Mat mat_img;

// Convert cv::Mat to IplImage
IplImage ipl_img = mat_img;

cvConvertImage(&ipl_img , &ipl_img , CV_CVTIMG_SWAP_RB);
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