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What should be workflow while creating a website. In a Software project we follow the following steps:

  • Requirement Gathering and creating SRS
  • Creating Design Document Out of SRS
  • Creating Tractability Matrix to Map betwwen SRS and Design Doc
  • Creating UML and then coding

These are the most important steps we follow while we develop an application.Though there are also few steps between, like getting the UI Wireframe from designer and integrating to our app.

Now ,the problem is actually designing. How should I start with WebSite Designing.

  • Is it a sure thing to create a static website template using Photoshop and then start implementing it?
  • If so , shall first create the background first and then create the Elements on page and So on, while converting(writing Markup) them to HTML.
  • I am pretty much interested to create the complete website my own if possible and ready to spend the time.
  • At which point of time I should decide whether to implement jQuery or normal Javascript or Flash.

I have some idea and it's vauge and random. Help me in phrasing and putting them in place.

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  1. Create the entire mock-up in Photoshop.
  2. Slice out any UI graphics required - these should all be set as CSS background-images.
  3. Make plain HTML pages to act as templates for various patterns used on the site.
  4. Begin back-end integration, as well as client-side scripting based on these templates.
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In my opinion there is little difference between "websites" and "applications". A website is a type of application, often as complex as traditional "desktop applications".

We normally have 2 sides going at the same time. You have UI/UX which is heavily dependent on customer/owner interactions, and you have the technical details of the website, which usually is not.

Anyhow, both sides usually start with requirements gathering, which becomes a specification, which becomes a prototype, which is then iterated upon until it is a product.

There are other ways, but this is the one I know best.

On another note, as you seem to be asking about what documents are used. Think of "mockups/wireframes" as a UI equivalent of UML. Its a first attempt at defining how the UI will take shape. There are drawbacks to using this, as you really don't get a feel for how interactive features will work. In some cases you make want to make an html mockup which will actually show the customer how something will work. Be careful not to give them the impression that the mockup is anything near a complete feature. Make it look rough.

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