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I have been working on developing a certain piece of code and now it works just fine.. and needed to be deployed in the production enviornment. But the code is not production ready yet.. Earlier I had all the files in the same directory and I was calling all the libraries I built to one unit test I wrote. But now I have been asked to clean them out. So earlier my directory sturcture was like (if there was any structure)


So now This is what my new directory structure looks like.


Now.. how do I call the libraries in native and third to the bin/

Also, I dont want to hardcode this path.. as it will be later deployed in production I am looking somethin glike..

at go up one level (.../project_name)
now go down one level  (..../project_name/lib)
From ths point move down to native and third...

So more like a relative search of directory? How do i get this in python Thanks

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Consider creating a file for each of the libraries:


from distutils.core import setup


and than install it in develop mode (python develop, read more here)

When you do it like this, your can simply import x from anywhere, yet any change to the local code will affect the entire environment.

When in production, you can just as easily install your packages (even in virtualenv), and nothing changes.

Complex relative import are discouraged.

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hmmm. ok found the answer.

#get current working directory
cur_dir = os.getcwd()
#move up one level
new_cur_dir = os.getcwd()
#move down to native


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