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i'm using an AjaxSelect which contains several ids. By selecting an id the additional information to this id should be displayed in a given table which will be generated by a snippet. Now i want to know which would be the best solution to refresh my list?



        <tr class="">
            <td><car:name /></td>
            <td><car:type /></td>


def doSelect(msg: NodeSeq) = {
  SHtml.ajaxSelect( => (, + ". Car")),
    Empty, {
      selectedCar =>
        // RELOAD TABLE

def cars(node: NodeSeq): NodeSeq = {
  val cars =
  cars match {
     case null => Text("There is no items in db")
     case game => game.flatMap(i =>
       bind("car", node,
            "name" ->,
            "type" -> car.type))
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In the function cars, isn't it instead of – Christopher Chiche Jan 30 '12 at 23:17

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You should use ValueCell and WiringUI. Very good examples can be found at simple_wiring and invoice_wiring.

When using WiringUI, each time the valueCell cell is updated, the content linked with WiringUI.apply(cell) will be updated. So it should do the trick.

Here is an example for your specific case:

HTML: Same as yours


class MainScreen{
  def doSelect(msg: NodeSeq) // same as yours

  def cars = WiringUI.apply(controller.chosenCarFamily)(displayResult)

  def displayResult(carFamily:CarFamily)(node: NodeSeq) ={ match {
      case null => Text("There is no items in db")
      case game => game.flatMap(i =>
        bind("car", node,
          "name" ->,
          "type" -> i.type))

object Controller{
  val selectedCar = ValueCell(1)
  def chooseCar = sectectedCar.set      
  val chosenCarFamily = selectedCar.lift(car:Int => //Stuff to output the family)
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I know that my code is not perfect, mainly in the "displayResult" function, so if you have any suggestion comment or edit my answer. – Christopher Chiche Jan 30 '12 at 21:48
Hey Chris, thanks for your reply and with the apply method it works, but in fact i don't think this solution is the best match for my problem. Because i commit the chosen id in controller.chooseCar(selectedCar.toInt) which saves the id in a model and i want to get the chosen Car by use the method controller.chosenCar so i would work with two variables which contains the same id which is needless. – Siggy Petersen Jan 30 '12 at 22:02
Maybe you can put the valueCell in controller? I don't have the total view of your project but basically, as soon as you have a valueCell somewhere, it will work. – Christopher Chiche Jan 30 '12 at 22:11
The problem is as follows: When i select an item from the selectbox, the corresponding id will be commited to the model by the controller. The model saves a "CarFamily" object, which includes a list of cars. When i use controller.chosenCarFamily i want to generate a list of all cars within the CarFamily object and this list should be updated by the chosen item of the selectbox. – Siggy Petersen Jan 30 '12 at 22:20
Maybe you can try and have a look at the function lift in ValueCellto generate a Cell[List[Car]]. If you want a more complete solution, can you add a kind of controller in your code so I can see what you are really doing? – Christopher Chiche Jan 30 '12 at 22:32

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