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I'm using mvc approach and extending the pandora example.

I would like to add a new record to a form. I need to pre-assign some properties. I have the following handler. Which fills out the form. However when i try and sync it does not post the new info. ie using fire bug i see that it post the records that were previously there. At what stage should i add it to the store.

onNewPartSelect: function (selModel, selection) {

    var form = Ext.getCmp('partForm');

    var part = new Pandora.model.Part({
        Name: 'my new record'

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For loading a new record into the form:

    var iUserForm = this.getUserDetailsForm(),
        iRecord = Ext.create('BS.model.User');

    iUserForm.loadRecord( iRecord );

And upon submit:

    var iUserForm = this.getUserDetailsForm();

    if (iUserForm.getForm().isValid())
        var iRecord = iUserForm.getForm().getRecord(),
            iValues = iUserForm.getForm().getValues(),

        iRecord.set( iValues );
        this.getUsersStore().insert(0, iRecord);

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thanks, works great. –  frosty Jan 31 '12 at 15:34

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