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I have a a following data that I want to convert it to JSON using to_json.

The data is a

  {"key":"firstname", "val":"Scott"},
  {"key":"age",       "val":"old"},
  {"key":"haircolor", "val":"na"},

I usually use perl hash to build my json and use to_json for conversion. But for this json array for each iterm I have no key. So how can I use to_json for conversion.


  my %data = (
       "key" => "firstname", 
       "val" => "Scott",


P.S. I do not want to make a string and convert it to json. But if I must, I will. :-)

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The data you have already is JSON (except for the trailing comma, which I don't think is valid). What exactly are you trying to do? – Eric Strom Jan 30 '12 at 18:50
@EricStrom - The trailing comma technically isn't valid, but--assuming the OP is using the JSON module--it can be parsed when relaxed is enabled. – Jack Maney Feb 8 '12 at 20:53

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my $data=[
           {  key  => "firstname", 'val' ,  "Scott" },
           { "key" => "age",       "val" => "old"   },
           { 'key',   'haircolor',  val  => "na"    },
my @data = (
  { key => "firstname", val => "Scott" },
  { key => "age",       val => "old"   },
  { key => 'haircolor', val => "na"    },
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