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I have a form that had live appended input type hiddens with a name, value, and class and they all mean something. I want to take this and post to my php the json values. So I am doing

var storage = $.param($('form input[type=hidden]').serializeArray(), true);

and that works fine, however it only gets the name, and value. I need the class also because it has a unique id stored in it, which I can't store in the name or value because those also store unique ids.

So my question/options are.

  1. Can I somehow store two unique ids in the name that would be processed as such? Maybe a {id1:1,id2:2} or something as the name value?
  2. Can I make serializeArray also get the class name?

Example of input type hidden I add

<input type="hidden" class="photo_spot_1" name="photo_spot_5" value="../uploads/2462df38db374653720daa42b7aefec4/g6qjcn30kw_c.png">

Notice the two different id's at the end of name and class.

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You cannot have an element id like {id1:1,id2:2} and also serializeArray will not get the class information from input fields but you can write your own logic to get that.

var data = [], obj;
$('form input[type=hidden]').each(function(){
    obj = {};
    obj[this.name] = this.value;
    obj["class"] = this.className

Now you can use data which will contain each hidden input with is name/value and class information.

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Your best bet will likely be to take those unique classes, and throw them onto a hidden input before you serialize your form and do your post. This will give your server side code much easier access to these values.

Something like this:

var storage = $.param($('form input[type=hidden]').serializeArray(), true);
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I'm a little confused by what you mean, you mean take all 3 of the ids I need and store them in 3 different inputs? I already store inputs for them. –  Steven Jan 30 '12 at 18:54
@Steven - I may not understand, but you said you needed the class, and wanted a workaround to get the current class posted with the rest of your form. I'm saying this will be a pain, and that the easier way will be to just throw that class value onto a new hidden input, and then do your serialize and post –  Adam Rackis Jan 30 '12 at 18:55

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