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I´m looking for some help about my shopping cart. I use a simple script. Everything works as I want, but I don´t know how to find out if some products already exist, if they do I want to increment the value. The script is below:

for ($x=0;$x<count( $_SESSION["sess_name"]);$x++) {
    $x_id= $_SESSION["sess_id"];
    $x_name_prd= $_SESSION["sess_name_prd"];
    $x_number_prd= $_SESSION["sess_number_prd"];

   //if there is a product that is already in the cart then go to function check_me(); to do something to make the sess_number_prd +1 everytimes people click on the button.
    if ( $x_name_prd[$x]==$name_prd){

I have tried this method, but does not work

function check_me ($name_prd)  {
    for ($i=0;$i<count($_SESSION['sess_name']);$i++) {
        if (!in_array($_SESSION['sess_id'][$i],$)) {


Can someone help me please..

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If you've some control over the structure of the array stored in $_SESSION for your basket I'd recommend using something like this.

/*Entry point
  It is assumed at this point you have the value product id ($pid) and initiated 
  your $_SEESION[<basket array index>] set - "basket" in this example
(isset($_SESSION['basket'][$pid]))? $_SESSSION['basket'][$pid]++ : $_SESSION['basket'][$pid] = 1;

This approach doesn't require the iterative comparison of each item in the basket to determine if an instance of it has already been added to the basket. This will allow for a simple

foreach($_SESSION['basket'] as $product_id => $noOfProduct){
     /*Do your checkout thing here*/

to process the basket once you're finished adding to it.

Code posted in the comments by Alex, example of the problem not a solution

for ($x=0;$x<count( $_SESSION["sess_id"]);$x++){
    $x_id= $_SESSION["sess_id"][$x];    //[$x] appended, presumed missing
    $x_id_prd= $_SESSION["sess_id_prd"];
    $x_name_prd= $_SESSION["sess_name"]; 
    $x_size_prd= $_SESSION["sess_size"]; 
    $x_color_prd= $_SESSION["sess_color"];
    $x_clr_code_prd= $_SESSION["sess_clr_code"]; 
    $x_num_prd= $_SESSION["sess_num"]; 
      && $x_size_prd[$x]==$size_prd 
      && $x_color_prd[$x]==$color_prd 
      && $x_clr_code_prd[$x]==$clr_code ){ 
        //do something to get $_SESSION["sess_num"]+1;

End of comment code

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wait i will try –  Alex Jan 30 '12 at 19:18
I don´t think this work for me, Because I have another methode to generrate the $pid...and everything work good. ( The reason is I have many choices in one product: size, color etc.) I can also find out which product is already exist in cookie, But I don´t know how to make it +1 in the corect pars. Seemed like the script don´t know where to put..:S –  Alex Jan 30 '12 at 19:24
here is some code : for ($x=0;$x<count( $_SESSION["sess_id"]);$x++) { $x_id= $_SESSION["sess_id"]; $x_id_prd= $_SESSION["sess_id_prd"]; $x_name_prd= $_SESSION["sess_name"]; $x_size_prd= $_SESSION["sess_size"]; $x_color_prd= $_SESSION["sess_color"]; $x_clr_code_prd= $_SESSION["sess_clr_code"]; $x_num_prd= $_SESSION["sess_num"]; if ( $x_id_prd[$x]==$id_prd and $x_size_prd[$x]==$size_prd and $x_color_prd[$x]==$color_prd and $x_clr_code_prd[$x]==$clr_code ) { do something to get $_SESSION["sess_num"]+1; } } –  Alex Jan 30 '12 at 21:05
Right I've put your code in the comments which should make this easier. You were missing [$x] from the first line within the for loop. I think you're trying to access session members which are either embedded within the sess_id sub array(if it exists) or you need to append [$x] to each of your $_SESSION vars within your for loop. –  SOliver Jan 30 '12 at 21:27
Yeah looks good now, but how to get $_SESSION["sess_num"]+1;? This is the problem...:S –  Alex Jan 30 '12 at 22:04

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