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In, how can I access the master page controls in a non-master page?

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Is the view that you're rendering using the master page that has the controls? – Brian Jan 30 '12 at 18:57
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You can access the Masterpage as a property on your current page. However, the controls on your master page are protected so you can't access them directly. But you can access them by using FindControl(string name). The code you need to use depends on if the control is inside or outside a content place holder.

// Gets a reference to a TextBox control inside a ContentPlaceHolder
ContentPlaceHolder mpContentPlaceHolder;
TextBox mpTextBox;
mpContentPlaceHolder = 
if(mpContentPlaceHolder != null)
    mpTextBox = (TextBox) mpContentPlaceHolder.FindControl("TextBox1");
    if(mpTextBox != null)
        mpTextBox.Text = "TextBox found!";

// Gets a reference to a Label control that is not in a 
// ContentPlaceHolder control
Label mpLabel = (Label) Master.FindControl("masterPageLabel");
if(mpLabel != null)
    Label1.Text = "Master page label = " + mpLabel.Text;
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Who is Label1? – user5949912 Apr 6 at 12:47

add this in your webPage to access the contents of master page Master Page : programatically access

<%@ MasterType virtualpath="Your MasterPath" %>

you can do like this (alternative way )

MasterPage mstr 
Label lbl
mstr = Page.Master
If (mstr.ID == "yourMasterIDString")
     lbl = mstr.FindControl("lblBar")
        If (lbl !=null)
                lbl.Text = "Do some Logic"
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Use can

TextBox txt1 = (TextBox)this.Master.FindControl("MytxtBox");
txt1.Text="Content Changed from content page";
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