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Ok so this unfortunate task is due to a bug in chrome which I determined in another question: Loading resources from html5 filesystem api

What I need to do is go through all the resources that may come from downloading a website, and turn any relative urls into absolute urls, in Javascript. What I could use help with is coming up with all of the cases I am going to have to handle. Here's what I can come up with:

  • in html / xhtml / xml => anything with an href or src attribute
  • in css => anything that matches a /url(.*)/ regex\
  • javascript => probably not possible...

Is there anything else I am not thinking of?

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Unless you're using jQuery or similar I'd just bite the bullet and attack the entire page source.

var entireHTML = document.documentElement.innerHTML;
document.documentElement.innerHTML = entireHTML.replace('href="','href="<path(/)>');

How you determine is up to you, could inject it into your doc.onready function or otherwise inject a global var into the document somewhere.

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I ended up using jquery to do it. –  Matthew Feb 5 '12 at 20:53

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