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I remember in pascal we had such a thing to draw line with XOR drawmode(or writemode in assembly) e.g. to draw a line from (5,5) to (100,5) we would do this in Pascal:

MoveTo(5, 5);
Pen.Mode := pmXOR;


Do we have similar thing for matlab plot (or line) functions? e.g:

%  Pen.Mode = pmXOR;
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It looks like the property you are looking for is called EraseMode. It is available on some graphics objects, but not all ... you'll have to experiment for you particular application.

Some examples:

hPatch = patch([10 90 90 10],[1 1 8 8],'r');
hold on
plot([5 100],[5 5])

figure; hold on;
[x,y,z] = peaks;
hPeaks = surface(x,y,z);
hLine = line([-4 4],[4 -4],[10 -10])

Use get(hLine), get(hPeaks) etc. to see what properties are available for a given graphics object.

To see all object which support the EraseMode property, type

docsearch EraseMode
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Thank you, That's what I was looking for –  C graphics Jan 30 '12 at 21:14

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