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There is something wrong in my jQuery plugin. I can't post the whole script because it would be too big, this is a little and modified excerpt. Basically it works this way:

  1. An ajax call, if result set is empty then backup the element and it's content (if there is no already backup defined) and the override it's content
  2. If result set contains data look for certain elements inside it and use .html() to display the data

But there is somehting wrong in the above. When the call is executed 3 consecutive times children of the backup is sadly empty!

Any help is much appreciated. Here is a simplified version of the control flow:

var backup = function() {'backup', this.clone(true)); }

var onObjectProperty = function(obj) {

   // This is where my script fail!!! 3 consecutive times of empty data,
   // and children() contains no data!
   if($.type('backup')) !== 'undefined')


if(!val.error && !val.count) // Not an error, but data is empty
   // Keyword "this" is the current element in selection loop (on which
   // the plugin was invoked)
   if($.type('backup')) === 'undefined'); // Backup if not already defined; // Call the function to handle empty data
   return true; // Skip the current iteration in the loop

// Here we have no errors and result set contains data, obj); // Pass the context and the data

EDIT: found the error, was not cloning the backup before adding it to the DOM!

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What's with the parentheses on the second if-$.type line? =)

Ok got it. Not sure how to read all these "obj", "context" and "val", how they fit in, but for what it's worth I managed to get backups to/fro data going, see below.

Cool idea anyway!

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
var backup = function() {"backup", this.clone(true)); }
function doit(x) { if ($.type("backup")) == "undefined") {; } }
function dumpit(x) {
    if ($.type("backup")) != "undefined") {
function addit(x) {
    if ($.type("backup")) != "undefined") {
        var x ="backup").clone();
    <div id="xxx" class="yyy">
        <p class="zzz">helu</p>
        <a href="#">there</a>
    <button onclick="doit($('#xxx'));">do</button>
    <button onclick="dumpit($('#xxx'));">see</button>
    <button onclick="addit($('#xxx'));">add</button>
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Fixed, result didn't changed either. – gremo Jan 30 '12 at 20:12
Thanks for the effort, +1 just for the try. Going to test it and report! – gremo Jan 30 '12 at 21:13
YOU MADE MY DAY! The error was not cloning the backup itself (and soon after modifying it)! – gremo Jan 30 '12 at 22:02
ah, them another pair of eyes, yay! – Carl Krig Jan 30 '12 at 22:05

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