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I am using the google api to update some spreadsheets (using 2 legged oauth as explained here, except that I check the Two legged access control box ). Creating the spreadsheets work fine, creating new worksheets inside a spreadsheet also works fine. But I can not seem to interact with the data on the spreadsheet....

I get either:

using listFeed

We're sorry, a server error occurred. Please wait a bit and try reloading your spreadsheet.


using CellFeed


Any ideas ?


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I ran into both of these errors when learning the Google spreadsheets API. I wish Google did a better job documenting these.

My issue with the listFeed method was that I was using upper case letters and spaces in my GDataSpreadsheetCustomElement names. Google doesn't like this. Here is what I posted on a similar question: Add row in spreadsheet (List-based feed) but it not works

"This very misleading error can occur if the GDataEntrySpreadsheetList you're trying to insert contains no GDataSpreadsheetCustomElements that are relevant to the worksheet.

When creating a GDataSpreadsheetCustomElement, the string you use for "name" must match the value in the first row of the spreadsheet for the column you're interested in, EXCEPT that it must be converted to all lower-case and have all spaces removed."

My issue with authentication using CellFeed was that I was using the wrong FeedURL. The feedURL you want when updating cells is [[worksheet cellsLink] URL]; where worksheet is the GDataEntryWorksheet object for the worksheet you're editing.

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