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Given the following:

user> (map (fn [x] (map #(* x %) '(1 2))) '(2 3))  
((2 4) (3 6))

In clojure how can I make change this idiomatically so that the output becomes:

(2 4 3 6)

I used lists to ilustrate, but any collection is fine.

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(mapcat (fn [x] (map #(* x %) '(1 2))) '(2 3))

Which is shorthand for:

(apply concat (map (fn [x] (map #(* x %) '(1 2))) '(2 3)))

concat concatenates collections together into one sequence. Calling it with apply allows you to pass a collection of collections to be concatenated.

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I might use mapcat here as Justin does, but in many similar cases for is a great tool for building collections. For example, I think this is a pretty legible way to write your function:

repl-1=> (for [x      '(2 3)
repl-1=*       factor '(1 2)]
repl-1=*   (* x factor))
(2 4 3 6)
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