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OK, I have a problem where the ModelState errors are not mapping to the correct properties.

Let me see if I can explain this.

I have a ViewModel like so:

public class MyViewModel
    public string Prop1 {get;set;}
    public string Prop2 {get;set;}

In my view, I have a model that has a collection of this type which I have an EditorTemplate for. So it generates MyViewModels[0].Prop1, MyViewModels[1].Prop1, etc.

Problem is, when I set the error on the ModelState in my service layer via an interface I have made called IValidationDictionary which has a wrapper around model state, it does not attach the error to the correct row in the view, rather to the end of the model as Prop1.


Here is the ModelStateWrapper (VB - Sorry!)

Public Class ModelStateWrapper
    Implements IValidationDictionary

#Region "Private Members/Properties"

    Private modelState As ModelStateDictionary

    Public ReadOnly Property IsValid As Boolean Implements IValidationDictionary.IsValid
            Return modelState.IsValid
        End Get
    End Property

#End Region

#Region "Constructor(s)"

    Public Sub New(modelState As ModelStateDictionary)
        Me.modelState = modelState

    End Sub

#End Region

#Region "Methods"

    Public Sub AddError(key As String, message As String) Implements IValidationDictionary.AddError
        modelState.AddModelError(key, message)

    End Sub

#End Region

End Class
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Without seeing any of the code that is wrapping around the model state, how do you expect anyone to be able to answer why it's not working properly? –  Dismissile Jan 30 '12 at 21:56

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Sounds like you may be using Dependency Injection and injecting the ModelStateDictionary into your ModelStateWrapper class, which is again injected into your Service Layer?

I can only guess whatever is getting injected is not using the Controller class ModelState property (ModelStateDictionary) of your current HTTP request.

Are you by any chance initializing a new instance of ModelStateDictionary and passing it into your ModelStateWrapper? If you are using Dependency Injection, please show me your Injection configuration so I can give you a better answer.

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